Module Fundamentals of Steel Structures

Theory of Torsion
Theory of Stability
Lifecycle and Fatigue
Laboratory internship
Module Steel buildung Design
Module Examples of Steel Structures and Special Issues
(Compulsory Elective Modules)

Construction of Steel Bridges
Wind Engineering and Structural Dynamics
Design of Stainless Steel and Glas Structures
Cold formed Steel Structures
Hydraulic Steel Constructions
Manufacture of Structural Steelwork
Cable, Steel Cast and Membrane Structures
Special Steel Structures
Module scientific work in steel constructions

This module serves as the fourth module to replace the 6LP Studienarbeit in the specialisation steel constructions.
During this Lecture, a scientific task is to be executed and presented as a journal publication.

Introduction Specialisation Steel Constructions

If you want to inform yourself about the specialization steel construction, please contact Dr.-Ing. M. Reininghaus (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 0531 391 3372)

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