• Strong floor 9 x 25 m 
    with portal frame for full scale testing with loading up to 4 MN static and 2 MN dynamic 
  • Hydraulic test rigs
    for compression and tension from 1 kN up to 1 MN (static and dynamic)
  • Frame structure 
    for compression tests up to 8 MN
  • Cable test rig 
    for 8 MN tension
  • Resonance pulsator (imbalance)
    up to ±1MN, test frequency up to 60 Hz
  • Hydraulic high speed testing machine
    ±50 kN, velocity up to 25 m/s
  • Pendulum test 
    equipment for glass and wall constructions 
  • Welding roboter 
    with MIG/MAG welding machine
  • Boundary layer wind tunnel
    type Eiffel, wind speed up to 25 m/s with force balance
  • High resolution thermography camera
  • Video microscope
  • Metallography  
    with microsection and microscope
  • Portable spectrometer 
  • Temperature chamber  
    from -160 to +600°C
  • CNC milling machine  
    for parts up to  1000 x 600 mm and CNC lathe plus metalworking machine
  • Measuring system with digital image correlation
    for non-contact 3D deformation and strain measurement
  • Measuring system with electronic speckle pattern interferometry
    for non-contact high-precision 3D deformation and strain measurement
  • Video extensometer

additional information (Flyer, pdf) 
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