• Identification of material characteristics
    inter alia fracture mechanical characteristics

  • Preparation of specimens from structural components 
    and identification of material characteristics on miniature specimens

  • Measurement of loads, displacement, strain, and acceleration 
    in laboratory and on-site.

  • Non-contact measurement of 3D displacement and strain fields
    from to 1x10² bis 5x 10^6 mm²

  • Wind measurements in natural field
    Measurements of meteorological data

  • Dynamic measurements of eigenfrequency and damping ratio 
    on constructions (towers, masts, multi storey frames, slabs, etc.)

  • Investigation of damage to steel structures 

  • Cable/Guy and guy anchoring tests
    up to 8 MN

  • Impact and load tests on glass structures

  • PÜZ-Stelle
    Testing, inspection, and certification of space frameworks, beam supports, containers, tension rod systems, cable systems, and connecting elements

  • Testing of crash-proof glazing systems according to TRAV/DIN 18008 Teil 5 

  • Wind tunnel tests
    Measurements of pressure and force, dynamical investigation

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