For more than two decades, the Institute of Steel Structure has been dealing with the characteristics of natural wind fields and its various effects on the loading of buildings. The 340 m high antenna mast in Gartow (Germany) and the wind tunnel in the Institute serve as the main research facilities. One of the research focuses is the wind effects on bridges under construction.

Current Projects:

  • Aeroelastic galloping instability of bridge decks during construction phase
  • Experimental determination of the topography coefficient according to DIN EN 1991-1-4
  • Determination of the wind load acting on flat silo structures.

Completed Projects (selection):

  • Three-dimensional turbulence measurements in the natural wind field
  • Stabilization of slender bridges under wind action with different types of actuators
  • Wind-rain induced cable vibration in laminar and turbulent flow
  • Modelling wind-rain induced vibration
  • Hazard scenarios for high-voltage power line from combined wind-ice loads
  • Simulation of vortex shedding in turbulent flow with consideration of realistic wind profile
  • Transverse vibration of structures induced by gust
  • Modelling the turbulence of natural wind
  • Vibrating behavior of the cable-guyed mast under consideration of the gust loading
  • Vibrating behavior of the cable-guyed mast
  • Time-domain formulations of non-stationary wind loads due to gusty wind for damage analyses of high structures
  • Interference effects of surrounding buildings on the gust load of chimneys
  • Fatigue of the slender structures under gust conditions with consideration of the statistics of wind profile. 
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