The Hans Grassl Prize was awarded for the seventh time at the Institute for Steel Structures. Within the course "Entwerfen" a movable bridge was to be constructed in group work. A jury consisting of members of the Grassl engineering office and the Institute selected the winners. Due to the very close quality of the designs, there were one first and two second places. The first prize went to Louis Schröder, Johanna Hofer, Julian Engel, Carolin Dickmann and Leon Bielenberg. The two second prizes went to Birte Sterner, Paula Gwizdalla, Pauline Falkenrich and Aamer Aljazzar on the one hand and to Mathias Worm, Arne Lordz, Jonas Krampe, Anna Diekmann and Laura Beutel on the other.The revelation of the poster and the handing over of the prize took place on 8.7.2019 by Mr. Borowski.


(2/2019 KT; Photo: Institut für Stahlbau)
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